Friday, July 17, 2015


I never have enough flowers and am always messing around with ways to make my own from what I have laying around instead of having to buy them all the time.  Here are a few techniques I have dabbled in to make some.
These are some of my favorite ones to make using the TH tattered floral die (five of them for each rose) and forming and hot gluing them and then I can add my DIY shimmer spray to them before using them on projects
close up top view of the tattered rose with the bottom 'bloomed' out
close up side view of the tattered rose
I had some little five petal flat flowers so I used four of them to crinkle up and hot glue together to form some small roses.
I free form cut some wavy strips from some of the foam shelf liner and then just did a running stitch to form the flower and then added a cheap stud earring for the center that I had snipped the backing off of.

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