Sunday, July 12, 2015

3-D Dress Forms

Last Fall I saw a picture where someone had made a 3-D dress form using the Tim Holtz sewing room die.  I have that die and use it for a lot of things including a half 3-D form of it on various projects, but seeing this one really intrigued me and I decided I needed to learn how to make those.  I must admit that after making the first one I became a little addicted and had to make several others.

Here was my first one done in a Christmas theme.

Then I made this one using G-45 Curtain Call Paper to embellish it

and then came another G-45 using Bird Song


and I was given the base to a feathered pen that is used for guest books so I had to bling it up some with more trim and add a little air dry cherub that I had molded to the base for this elegant white one.


and since these are kind of girly I figured I needed to make one with just some flowers for Spring


and, of course, you can't leave out everyone's favorite in a Parisian theme.


I am still deciding on themes to use for future ones so stay tuned :-)

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